Terms and Conditions

Top academic writers strives to provide fair conditions for all its stakeholders to benefit from it. We encourage all our potential clients to go through the terms and conditions before using our services. The terms are applicable to all students planning to use our services. ‘Our’ and ‘we’ refers to Top Academic Writers while ‘you’ refers to the students, parents and guardians as well as any other visitor using our website. Whenever you choose to use our services, you have to abide by the terms and conditions of our website. We have an outline of the terms and conditions below.

Kindly go through the following terms and conditions before placing an order for any assignments being provided by our site. The terms and conditions are applicable to every client visiting Top Academic Writers and also the users of our website.


When you choose our services, you must ensure that the task that you submit to us has clear instructions.  You must also use the site for lawful purposes which are also approved by your teacher.

Placing an Order

Whenever you are placing an order with us, you must ensure that you include the instructions for the assignment. Include a clear deadline, referencing styles and your expectations about the assignment. You will be solely responsible for any errors that arse as a result of lack of clear instructions. Any assignments with no clear guidelines will not be accepted.  Also, we do not encourage students to change the instructions once they have affirmed them.


Usually, payment is made in advance. We start your assignment after you have made full payments. However, we make arrangements on payment with clients depending on our sales policy at that particular time. A client must make the instalments after the invoice is generated as agreed with the customer support.

Discount Policy

We have the interests of our clients at heart. We offer discounts from time to time which are communicated with you through the website. No client should make any demands after the elapse of the discounts deadline.

Trademarks, Trade Names and Service Marks

Our logo Top Academic Writers is our sole property. This means that nobody should copy any part of the website or even imitate it without the consent of Top Academic Writers management.

Copyright Statement

All the rights specified in the Policy Section are reserved with Top Academic Writers. All the materials are exclusively owned by Top Academic Writers and so it should not be copyrighted anywhere else. However, we allow people to print out this information for one’s personal use. No one is allowed to use information from our website for commercial use.

Limitation on Use

You are free to access the content in the website. The information you get form our website should not be used by anyone else unless we have given consent through writing. To subscribe to Top Academic Writers, one has to be 18 years and older.  Those are the only students who will be able to access all the content in the website without limits.

Through access to Top Academic Writers it means that you use the information for the purpose of your studies only and not for any other thing.  We provide academic help in Thermodynamics Lab Report, Data Analysis Help, Nursing Care Plan Writing Services, Computer Science Homework Help, Thesis Papers, PhD Nursing Dissertations, Cognitive Science, and Specific Heat Lab Reports.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

  • Our website does not bear any liability whenever our clients are not able to access our website for whatever reason. We are only able to assist you when it is a technical issue from our side.
  • Our team does not take responsibility for loss of any data on your PC or even server. You may however not experience any problem through our website since we only use software’s that have already been tried and tested. However, we work so hard to ensure that you have a great experience when using our website.
  • We sometimes suspend access to our website especially when doing maintenance or when we are updating it. We are not liable for failure to access it during that period since we have no control over it. The maintenance and updating is for your benefit since we focus on only providing you with the best.
  • We are also not liable when our students fail in their exams. We have expert writers who give your assignment their best hence minimal mistakes if any.
  • In case you get poor grades, we can only offer reworks but not refunds. Each of the assignment we send to you is a product which once sold, we cannot take it back.
  • Whenever there is a rework, its delivery will largely depend on the payment plan that the client chooses.

Schedules for Tutoring

Our team tries their best to ensure that their schedules are practicable as well as fixed. The schedules have to be endorsed by Top Academic Writers management. This helps in ensuring that students get help with their assignments any time they are in need. We make sure that our Schedules are reasonable.

Revision and Refund Policy

Please refer to the refund policy

 Privacy Policy

 Kindly refer to the privacy policy.


We reserve the sole right to charge our clients membership fees and transcriptions.


The other contracts will remain unaffected and valid when any of the above terms becomes unforeseeable.


The site management reserve the sole right to make any amendments on terms and conditions without giving any notice to you. The most current terms and conditions will automatically supersede the previous ones.


Top Academic Writers reserve a right to terminate the whole or part of the agreement at any given time.

Entire Agreement

Whenever the agreement is updated and the client had signed an agreement before then, they have to cancel the agreement they had before and sign the new one.

Contact us

In case you want to some clarifications in regard to our terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us at any time.