Article Critique Help

Article Critique Help

College life isn’t all about endless studying. Getting time to attend to other things, be it social or personal responsibility, help one to expand knowledge and their worldview. These are some of the experiences that improve students’ analytical and critique skills as they analyze their experiences and apply their knowledge in real-life situations. However, at times students often get overwhelmed by academic assignments as well as other requirements, which leave them with little or no time for other important activities. That’s where we offer Article Critique Help.

When this continues for a while, students tend to drop in academic productivity and progress. Overwhelming activities often dampens the spirit of students to do assignments on their own. For instance, article critique writing demands a student to analyze a definite article, the main idea, as well as identify its good and bad sides. Quite cumbersome, right? Thanks to our expert writers who can help you with all your papers. To learn how to critique an article, read on.

What is an Article Critique?

A critique paper is an assignment that demands you read a research article critically and reflect on it. As a student, your main task is to recognize the weak and strong points of the article and to examine how well the writer interprets the sources. Put in another way; the critique paper exhibits whether the arguments that the author has employed in their piece are valid and effective.

Writing an exceptional article critique requires critical thinking. With this, it is possible to convince your audience that your viewpoint is correct even when it is skewed. Hence, to critique an article.

  • Be a good researcher.
  • Utilize the appropriate tools that will distinguish facts from fiction
  • Enhance your critical thinking skills

How to Write an Article Critique

Article critique writing is a fairly simple concept, but many students still find it difficult to create a great piece that fetches them high grades. Before much ado, let’s see what goes into a great article critique:

  • A good article critique should critique every aspect of the article’s content instead of just summarizing the main point. It should have unique opinions and discussions.
  • You should be able to provide the impressions of the article and back them up as well.
  • Your article critique should be able to identify the main idea, clarify its background and its purpose as well.
  • It should mainly focus on both the issues the article is raising and those that it avoids.

Below are the specific steps to follow when writing an article critique

Step 1. Active Reading

This is the first step to creating a great and unique article critique. You cannot write a good critique piece without first reading and understanding the journal or research paper. So you must read it deeply to comprehend the terms involved, close read it, do some research and define the new terms in it. Some of the questions you need to ask as you read the article include

I. How Do the Readers View the Author?

What is the readers’ opinion regarding the author of the article? Do they consider him/her an expert in that field? If so, what makes them believe he/she is an expert? Is the author well informed about the topic? What do other experts in that field say about him/her?

II. Thesis/Hypothesis

Identify the main point or message of the article. Find out whether the author communicates it clearly or it is vague. Check whether he/she is still on the topic or not. It is possible to find loopholes at this point so, pay attention.

III. The Target Audience

Which audience does the author target? Does the piece of writing appeal to general readers or a specific group of individuals? Check whether the language the writer uses is understandable to the general audience or the concerned group of people exclusively.

IV. Validity of the Arguments

Examining how valid each point of the author is will help you write a great critique piece. To accomplish this, confirm whether he/she uses sources from all over or just a few from one place. Check if the language they use is coded or whether it is easy to read and comprehend for every interested audience. Do not forget to pay attention to how the writer conveys their viewpoint. You may pinpoint logical blindspots that will enhance your piece of writing.

V. Conclusion

How does the author present their outcome? Is it clear or vague? Is the conclusion logical? If you find the writing at this step faulty or surpassing, utilize it to jot an idea for your paper. Remember that critique papers are not about negative sides only.

Certainly, you need a maker to highlight notable statements in the author’s work. Make sure you identify all the above aspects as you read through your article. Other items you need to study include research methods, findings, and variables. You probably have to read the article several times before you complete this stage.

Step 2. Collect Proof

Completing the first step will give you the direction of your critique paper. However, you cannot stop at that because you need to be strategic in how you approach your assignment. For your article critique to wow your professor, you have to gather evidence to make every point you present credible. How do you collect proof?

I. Question the Author’s Main Points and Logic

The first thing your professor will look at when assessing your article critique is whether you recognize the difference between a summary and an analysis. Certainly, the article critique isn’t a summary but rather an analysis from a critical point of view. To create a well-analyzed article, you first find out whether the author’s overall message is logical.

Do some research for similar articles as examples and compare your paper’s hypothesis with them. It will help you identify whether the writer is following a standard logic format or not. An easy way to check the logic of the author’s message is by comparing the article’s introduction and the conclusion. Do they match?

Some of the logical fallacies you may identify include

  • Wishful thinking – This fallacy presents itself anytime the author believes something with no proof to support it. It often happens because the claim makes them feel nice.
  • Correlation vs. Causation – This refers to when the author observes two actions that follow each other. Let’s say action A and B, and then they conclude since A takes place before B, it means that B must be the outcome/effect of A. Back your reading with research to identify this kind of fallacy.
  • Personal attack/Ad hominem – In this type of fallacy, the writer attacks a person who is expressing their opinion in order to discredit their point of view.

II. Identify Contradictions

Active reading will enable you to identify some of the contradictions in the article you are critiquing. Authors may intentionally or unintentionally be biased and may misinterpret evidence or ignore it, turning it to their advantage. Make sure you identify any biases and contradictions.

The sources that the author cites also may have some contradictions. For instance, if the references are questionable, you can add this to your critique. How do you know whether a source is untrustworthy?

Thanks to history, it allows you to trace back to the source’s reputation whether they have a habit of distorting facts. You may have to be a student of the local and international news to accomplish this level of analysis. Evaluate the language and its meaning because, in languages, specific words usually have a peculiar meaning. Check if the author places ideas or people in the ‘them vs. us’ scenario.

III. Question the Research Methods

While evaluating the points of the article is significant in writing your critique paper, you need to question the research methods. Especially if your paper covers a scientific topic it is vital. To do an excellent evaluation, answer the following questions.

  • Are there errors in the design of the study?
  • Does the author explain the research methods? Is the explanation clear?
  • Do they have statistical errors?
  • Can other experts in the field recreate this experiment?

If this process proves to be difficult, you can ask for article critique help from our team of experienced writers. They will offer you top-notch writing help in gathering more evidence. Thus, your paper will stand out from the rest.

Step 3. Writing an Article Critique

Now that you have all the points of the article ready, you are probably thinking of diving right in. Before you start writing, you need to keep some factors in mind so that you will remain within the standards of critique papers. These considerations include

I. Develop an Outline

To write an excellent article critique, you need an outline that will guide you in detail. After reading and doing thorough research, use the information you’ve gathered to create a framework for your piece. Organize your points logically so that you don’t get stuck in the process of writing.

II. The Format

An excellent critique piece follows a set of instructions when it comes to the structure. This stage is where most students fail even when they have great content to show. It is important to observe the guidelines to give a good impression to your professor. Nobody wants to spend hours of research to write a paper that yields a poor grade.

How should you structure a critique paper?

1. Introduction

Your introduction should have the author’s name, the title, and the main argument. Similar to any other academic writing, ensure that you state your thesis in this section. It will give your professor an idea about what they will be reading about. When writing the thesis statement disclose the main points of the critique.

2. Critique

After you are through with the introduction, it is time to start the real critiquing. Expound each point in one paragraph to provide the reader with adequate information. Since it is not a 4 to 5 paragraph essay, you can use subheadings. However, if you are writing a brief article critique, do not use them. Remember to start each par with a topic sentence then develop it later in the section. Ensure there is a logical connection in these parts of your paper.

3. Conclusion

Your conclusion should give a summary of the critique. Finalize with the key points and say why your comments are important to the research. You can also recommend further research on the author’s work to improve the piece. To have a deeper understanding of the structure, look for an article critique example online.

After you complete the writing process, take a break, then proofread your article critique. This is a serious academic project which aims at showcasing your critical thinking and argumentation. So if you fail to revise it, the slightest flaw therein will absolutely ruin the impression for the reader!

Why Do You Need Article Critique Writing Help?

Writing a great article critique is not a walk in the park. First, you need to read the entire article and understand it, analyze its main parts, and finally synthesis its structure so that you can come up with an excellent critique. Moreover, you must have excellent background knowledge in the style the article you are critiquing is written in. Most students find it difficult to write an article critique, especially when it comes to making a comparative analysis of the article with other selected works, which is often a requirement of this assignment.

We are a team of experienced professional writers, and we can help you create an excellent article critique that will include all the requirements and relevant ideas in the content of the article. Our team of writers is qualified and experienced in writing the best article critique that can get you enviable grades in your class. If you have always planned to do well in article critique, you certainly found yourself a partner you can trust. Why pay an expert to do your task?

  • Experience – Expert writers have tackled many papers on different topics. Thus they understand what it takes to craft an outstanding piece. When you hire one of our authors, they will make sure they follow your instructor’s guidelines to the latter. There is no better way to wow your professor than this.
  • Take a break – Some students feel obligated to always study, never taking a break. You do not have to spend all your time in the library or in front of your computer to succeed in your academics. Besides, it can lead to burning out, which will only make you ineffective. Thanks to online writers, you don’t have to get there.
  • Experts in your field – Entrusting your assignment to a competent writer means getting a specialist’s help. They use terms that are appropriate and make sure every example they give fits the topic and discipline. For instance, when writing a critique for a research paper, they will identify and analyze the problem to incorporate relevant information.

Article Critique Help: Get Professional Help!

You will find numerous online platforms offering article critique writing services, but be alert. Most of them may offer you copy-paste content! However, when you reach out to us for article critique help, we will be worth your time and money. This is because we offer high-quality article critiques courtesy of our highly qualified critique writers. Here are some of the reasons that make us the best partner for your article critiques:

i. Plagiarism Free Content

Our professional writers uphold integrity and prioritize customer satisfaction. They study the specific research paper in-depth to understand and gather notes that they will use to craft an exceptional article critique.

They then prepare an outline that is unique and matches the author’s work. Using this framework they compose a paper for you from scratch. You can be sure we deliver authentic academic content.

ii. Timely delivery

Some online writers focus on their returns rather than the customer. But, we value our clients and their academic success thus we offer timely writing services to keep you off trouble. Whether we are writing an article critique, a journal, or an essay for you, we keep our end of the deal regardless of the length of the papers.

iii. Affordable Price

We understand that as a student you have so much on your plate. We do not want to put more financial pressure on you and therefore offer you reasonably priced services. We allow you to tend to other issues as we write your piece at a more inexpensive cost.

iv. 24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team provides you with clear instructions round-the-clock to help you have an amazing experience on our website. In case you get stuck or a problem arises, they can help you order your papers.

Now you know what you get when we write your article critique, don’t waste time. Let us create you a great article critique that will deliver you the best grades. We are waiting for your first order now!

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