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College life isn’t all about endless studying. Getting time to attend to other things be it social or personal responsibility help one to expand knowledge and their worldview. These are some of the experiences that improve students’ analytical and critique skills as they analyze their experiences and apply their knowledge in real life situations. However, at times students often get overwhelmed by academic assignments as well as other requirements which leave them with little or no time for other important activities that where we offer Article Critique Help.

When this continues for a while, students tend to drop in academic productivity and progress. Overwhelming activities often dampens the spirit of students to do assignments on their own. For instance, article critique writing demands a student to analyze a definite article, the main idea as well as identify its good and bad sides.

Writing a great article critique is not a walk in the park. First, you need to read the entire article and understand it, analyze its main parts and finally synthesis its structure so that you can come up with an excellent critique. Moreover, you must have excellent background knowledge in the style the article you are critiquing is written in. Most students find difficult in article critique especially when it comes to making a comparative analysis of the article with other selected works which is often a requirement of this assignment.

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How to Write an Article Critique

Article critique writing is a fairly a simple concept but many students still find it difficult to create a great piece that fetches them high grades. Before much ado, let’s see what goes into a great article critique:

  • A good article critique should critique every aspect of the article content instead of just summarizing the main point. It should have a unique opinion and discussions.
  • You should be able to provide the impressions of the article and back them up as well.
  • Your article critique should be able to identify the main idea, clarify its background and its purpose as well.
  • It should mainly focus on both the issues the article is raising and those that it avoids.

How to Critique an Article: Specific Steps to Follow

  • Active Reading

This is the first step to creating a great and unique article critique. You can write a good article critique without first reading and understanding it. So you must read it deeply to understand the terms involved, close read it, do some research and define the new terms in it.

As you read through the article be sure to identify the facts and details of the texts. What are the main points the author is putting across and the arguments they use in support of the points? Certainly, you need a maker and note-taking materials. Make sure you identify the following aspects as you read through your article:

  • Research problem and goal
  • Hypothesis
  • Research methods
  • Findings
  • Variables
  • Main findings and conclusion

You probably have to read the article several times before you completely finish this stage.

  • Develop a Preliminary Outline

Once you are done with active reading, it is time to organize your notes into a preliminary outline. The outline will help you plan how you will go about discussing the main points of the article.

  • Question the Author’s Main Points

The first thing your professor will look at when assessing your article critique is whether you understand the difference between a summary and an analysis. Certainly, the article critique isn’t a summary but rather an analysis from a critical point of view. To create a well-analyzed article, you first find out whether the author’s overall message is logical.  Do some research for similar articles as examples and compare your article’s hypothesis with them. An easy way to check the logic of the author’s message is by comparing the article’s introduction and the conclusion. Do they match?

  • Identify Contradictions

Active reading will enable you to identify some of the contradictions in the article you are critiquing. Authors may intentionally or unintentionally be biased and may misinterpret evidence or ignore it turning it to their advantage. Make sure you identify any biases and contradictions. Where the author has referenced another author’s work make sure you check it out. If the author has cited untrustworthy evidence, add it to your critique.

  • Write You Article Critique

Now that you have all the notes, it is time to put your critique on paper. Organize them in a clear and concise manner so that you will easily identify which logical progression to follow as you discuss the article.

  • Discuss the main argument in the introduction
  • Write body paragraphs with each topic its own idea
  • Summarize all the arguments in the conclusion
  • Revise!

Don’t forget to proofread your article critique. This is a serious academic project which aims at showcasing your critical thinking and argumentation. So if you fail to revise it, the slightest flaw therein will absolutely ruin the impression for the reader!

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