Privacy Policy

Privacy is paramount when seeking assignment or homework from us. Besides our commitment to proving the best written academic work to our customers, we are also the best at keeping your personal information private and safe. In fact, we guarantee the anonymity of our customers. We ensure this by observing our privacy policy strictly always.

Since we look forward to ensuring your personal details stays safe and secure it’s advisable that you carefully read through our privacy policies prior to making your order with us.

What is the Purpose of Privacy Policy?

Our private privacy is basically to inform our esteemed clients they need not worry about any security issues whenever they are visiting our website to seek or request for help.  Even though we require our clients to submit some of their personal details and information, we still ensure that the collected personal data still remains private and secure. If payment procedures are secure and very private, why not your personal details!

Our policy is aimed at providing secure and safe services for our customer’s needs. To more safety measures, our privacy policies are subject to periodic changes which often happen during our scheduled website update. Absolutely, clients expect nothing but the best services from us and that is why we need to understand what they really expect from us.

What Kind of Information Do We Collect From Client?

Client’s respect is what drives us in the industry and thus we always endeavor to deliver services to their full satisfaction. But this is only possible if they provide us with valuable information about them so that we customize our services to their personality and needs. Some of the personal information we encourage our clients to submit include the following;

  • Client Name

A good number of our clients prefer to work with us under an alias. However, we often encourage them to lets us know their real name. Since we are conducting legal and genuine business it’s advisable to seek help using real names when clients reach out to us. Nonetheless, it isn’t compulsory if they aren’t comfortable to submit them.

  • Residing Country

More often than not, we might request our clients to let us know their current residing country which will include their zip and (or) postal codes.

  • Contact Numbers

Contact numbers are very important whenever it comes to conducting business.  As such, we normally encourage our clients to provide us with their valid email addresses or phone numbers in order to create effective communication with them concerning their assignments. Providing us with phone number is not compulsory but if they do, we can be able to provide them with better and prompt services.

  • Computer Identification

This is computer generated information that is based on browser type and IP address whereby our website picks it automatically. Even with that, we guarantee absolute privacy of this information and it’s never used to reveal the true identity of clients.

  • Specific Keywords

Our website is designed in a way that once visitors come in, they may use unique keywords while exploring their way through our website and their queries are auto-recorded for later use. This will help him or her to have a better experience in case they visit the second time.

How do we Use Client’s Collected Information?

Just like we mentioned above, the primary purpose of getting the client’s personal information is to improve our services towards our clients as well as allow better client’s experience. Besides, there are a number of activities we use client’s information.

  • Secure your Payment producer
  • In-time completion of received orders
  • Effective and prompt communication with clients
  • Creating a client record for easy reference

How Sensitive is it to Submit Personal Information on this Website?

No doubt! We have the best effective and strongly secured website and you can be sure your sensitive data is protected. Our system works quite effectively and we can assure your 100% security guarantee against unauthorized access to your personal data.

To ensure extra security to our client’s personal details, we don’t share or divulge information to any third party. Clients can even request for a record of all their information from us. All you need is to submit an official email to our legal team.  However, you have to go through integrity check by answering questions in order to confirm your identity before being handed the information. If privacy is what you want, just ask, we will provide!