How to Write Evidenced Based Practice Nursing Paper

How to Write Evidenced Based Practice Nursing Paper

Writing an evidence-based practice nursing paper is an assignment that all nursing students must accomplish at one point in their academic life. Evidence-based practice papers are important as they are based on research that is aimed at enhancing nursing care delivery services, improving patient outcome as well as help other health care agencies to enhance health care delivery through published interventions.

Evidence Based Nursing Paper

Evidence Based Nursing Paper

Evidence-based practice nursing paper is a type of writing that greatly depend on research, evidence, and facts as opposed to common belief and assumptions. If you are a student who is having a hard time or have limited time to select the right topic and thereafter write a piece of excellent evidence-based practice nursing paper, we can provide you with the best academic help you need. In fact, more and more students are hiring expert nursing writers to assist them in all aspects pertaining to writing their evidence-based practice nursing paper.

Evidence-Based Practice Nursing Paper

An evidence-based practice nursing paper is a pre-requisite to completing medical degrees, especially nursing. Most nursing institutions prefer their students to write these papers during their last semester after they have finished all the other subjects. In order for you to write great evidence based practice nursing paper, it is advisable to study the current treatment and caring practices of a particular medical problem for a number of patients ailing from the same disease. Once you are done, try to point out a few inadequacies in the existing practice and try coming up with alternative treatment and care practice. However, this has to be based on reliable evidence in the form of published literature that supports the alternative practice.  

Note: The most important thing to do when writing an evidence-based practice paper is to credit a new method or practice with valid literature that will have authority in the eyes of examiners, viewers as well as common readers.

Valuable Advice about How to Write Evidence-Based Paper

Are you struggling to write your evidence-based nursing paper? Here are a few steps that might be beneficial:

  • When writing evidence-based practice nursing paper, the first thing to do is choose a topic. Ensure that the topic is relevant and can address clinical problems or medical procedures that can be advanced.
  • Since evidence-based papers are founded on facts, take time to research on your topic. Get all the available resources from various sources – library, journals, records, online papers among others.
  • In order to write an excellent evidence-based practice paper, draw your main ideas from patient-centered research like the effectiveness of therapy and medical tests. Ground your hypothesis by using empirical finds as well as include an appropriate recommendation.
  • Create an outline that contains the main arguments in every section. Pay more attention to your content like the introduction, methods, discussions, conclusion, and reference. All these should provide readers with credible and verifiable information.
  • Be sure to state your arguments in a concise manner while listing as many references as possible in support to your arguments.
  • Use the American Medical Association Manual of Style when citing your references.
  • Write evidence based practice paper that is grammatically correct. Avoid any errors by revising and proofreading thoroughly.

Your paper should also be able to stress new research and how studying your evidence-based practice paper topic can prompt a change in medical procedures. Choose your topic by considering the availability of research materials and resources since your paper will rely on credible evidence from past studies.

Outline to Follow When Writing Evidence-Based Practice Nursing paper

Most students often don’t understand the essence of writing evidence-based practice nursing paper. The primary aim of writing this paper is to develop the ability to think critically, research, confidence as well as self-decision whenever faced with an emergency or difficulty. The other reason why it is important to write evidence-based practice paper is to do away with the insufficiencies in current practices by formulating effective alternatives that could be supported credible, valid and dependable evidence. Now you have known why you must write an evidence-based paper. Let’s look at the outline you can follow when writing.

  • Title

In order to create a strong base for your hypothesis, your title should be brief and concisely points out what is paper will endeavor to address.  Let your title take a simple form of either a question or an opposing opinion. With this, you will have set the ball rolling in the right direction right from the start while you give your audience something to expect at the end. Take your title as a pacesetter.

  • Create Your Thesis

The thesis is at the heart of your paper. It controls whatever you are going to write. You should bear in mind that a thesis is quite different from a hypothesis; a hypothesis is basically an idea that you are either proving or disproving. But a thesis is generally what you stand for in your writing and it guides you while you push through your writing. As such, an evidence-based practice minus a thesis is deemed incomplete since it will lead to guesswork and imaginations.

Appropriate Formatting

The format of your evidence-based practice paper is certainly the eye catcher and as such, it grabs the attention of the reader right from the title to the last paragraph in the paper. This is how important it is to maintain a particular level of professionalism when writing your evidence-based paper.

The best formatting style for your paper is the APA formatting. This is because once you master this style, the only thing to take care of it the content and the rest will take care of itself. APA formatting is the most preferred style for social sciences since it gives a continuous flow of ideas. This style is divided into four main sections. They include;

  • Title: The title clues what the paper is all about and provides the reader with the direction to follow and what the facts to use during their evaluation.
  • Abstract: It forms the basis of your thesis and it is explained in not more than 250 words and not less than 150 words. The abstract lets the readers know in slight details what you will be talking in the main body and in other sections of the paper.
  • Main body:  This section forms the biggest junk of the paper and it contains all the facts, figures, and arguments. Your ideas and arguments are placed here in support of the thesis.
  • References: Most papers are rejected because they lack this section. This is an important section, especially for evidence-based practice papers. This is where you demonstrate all the resources you used in arguing your case.


The quality of your evidence-based practice paper is determined by the amount of research you carry out. When it comes to research, bear in mind that half dosage isn’t the same as a full dose. So you must get everything that your paper will need. Get the most recent references for your research and ensure that they are relevant.

Certainly, research delivers you the evidence you need, and the better the research done the stronger the evidence you will have, thus great evidence based practice paper. Never limit your research to a particular section but rather broaden the scope for more credibility. But most importantly, make sure you only derive the right facts.


References are very important as they take the guesswork out of your evidence-based paper. References are the best indicators of research done and they become even better when they are connected with the content, arguments, and ideas posed in the paper.  However, it is important to give credit to these references so that it doesn’t amount to plagiarism- a serious academic crime, on your part. In order to write great evidence based practice nursing paper, make sure you get the right references and format in the right way.

How to choose the right resources for your Paper

When choosing resource for your evidence-based practice paper, it is important to ensure they are the right and reliable sources you have with you. The right resources meet the following criteria:

  • Credibility: The best source with high credibility is scholarly research journals. Ensure you have as many scholarly research journals as possible as your resource.
  • Validity: You resource should meet validity for analysis procedures and methods of examinations used to conduct the research study of the resource. It should be up to date.
  • Reliability: Your resources should be reliable with consistent results, favorable reports and limitations of the study. These are what make a resource reliable.

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