Refund Policy

With us, you have zero risks. Your money is safe.  We have a very clear and straight forward refund policy. We deliver what we promise to our clients. This is the unique thing that separates us from other clients. We have discussed our refund policy below so feel free to read and ask for any clarifications in case you feel that there are some things that are not clear.

What Our Refund Policy Does

Refund policy is normally about the rights of a client. The policy enables you to enjoy our services and also feel safe when engaging us. You should never at any one time feel hesitant when engaging us for fear of losing your money.

Our refund policy guarantees you a right to ask for a refund even after you had placed your order. With that, you will be able to avoid the anxiety that comes with the uncertainty of your assignment not being delivered at the time that you expect it.

What do we consider to be Regular Refunds?

There are those days when you will place your order for your own reasons. If this happens, you will get a full refund. However, we have to be clear about this. You will only get a full refund if your order had not been assigned to anyone at the time when you asked for a refund.

All our regular refunds are normally processed within 5 working days.  We advise our clients to facilitate the canceling process as soon as they realize that they do not want us to continue with the assignment.

It is good to point out that our rating for customer satisfaction is 98% so refund cases are rare with us. Also, in case such cases occur, we facilitate the process within the shortest time possible. Below are circumstances when we refund;

  • When we do not have an expert to handle your order.
  • When the cancellation of the order comes from your side.
  • When your PayPal account double charges.
  • When you feel that the order hasn’t met your expectations.
  • When you place similar orders without your knowledge.
  • In case there is a double charge on your PayPal account.

You need to note that, we must revise your order before issuing a refund.

Quality-Based Refunds

This is a refund that happens when the order does is not follow the instructions a client gave us. Our quality assurance has to go through the order and confirm if the allegations are true. When they a certain that your concerns are valid, they will only make a 70% refund.

Other Situations when we give a Refund

  • When you assign us an order and it is delivered late which means you do to need it anymore. This rarely happens though.
  • When you assign the order whose deadline has already passed.

The refund policy is not really permanent as it is subject to change from time to time. It is therefore important for you to ensure that you revise the policy each time you want to place an order. We always amend the refund policy in order for us to ensure that you have the best with us.