How to Win Cesim simulation game

How to Win Cesim simulation game

Cesim Simulation Game is an online business simulation game that aims to develop student’s understanding of the complex business operation in the modern dynamic competitive business environment.  Moreover, it integrates several concepts from different management related disciplines that include production, marketing, research, economic, financial, procurement, accounting, and logistic.

Cesim Simulation Game requires students in teams to manage and operate a virtual business by developing and executing various strategies to steer their business to success. However, the simulation game comes with challenges like the business in the real world do. As such, students are encouraged to come up with strategies to win the game. Have you been looking for tips to beat your Cesim Simulation Game? Well, in this post, we tell you how to win the Cesim simulation game.

Tips for Winning Cesim Simulation Game

  1. Think Holistically

To win the Cesim simulation game, you need to think holistically. Understand how the different departments of a company work together to develop and execute sound decisions that work for the betterment of the entire company. Therefore, before proceeding with the game any further, take time to learn how various aspects of business such as finance, marketing, logistics, and R&D integrate and work for the success of the company.

  1. Be Futuristic

As a student, you might think of focusing on utilizing strategies that make you the market leader in the next rounds because the game is predetermined. Even though the latter might be true, the main objective in the Cesim simulation game is to attain sustainable profitable growth.

How to Win Cesim simulation game

How to Win Cesim simulation game

The grounding of your growth on a strategy that doesn’t undermine the future of the company for short term gains and the best indicator for this is the cumulative total shareholder return. So whenever you are playing the Cesim simulation game, take the game as if it is a real business entity and make decisions with future projections in mind.

  1. Be Ahead of the Curve

Speaking of being futuristic, the other thing to pay attention to win your Cesim simulation game is the market outlook and the overall development of trends. Staying competitive is a real hassle that businesses have to deal with in the modern business environment. It is not any different in the Cesim simulation game.

Therefore, spending time on analyzing future business developments as well as forecasting what consumers will want and how your competitors will behave, you can follow what many astute CEO do to create innovations in the market today.

  1. Be Ready to Swivel

In the business environment, even the well-crafted strategy can crack unexpectedly. And if this happens, the forces of nature cut off the business’s suppliers or your competitor launches new product just like the team with more features at slightly cheaper. So, if you cannot adapt to these kinds of unpredictable events, you will soon be out of the game just like you could be out of business.

It is, therefore, paramount to prepare and be flexible and thoroughly assess the risks when it comes to developing a long term business strategy. You will never know when a thing will happen, and your entire business venture capsizes.

Bonus Winning Tips

  • Having entirely capable individuals all in the same team can bring a negative impact and hence results in low productivity and efficiency.
  • Instead of concentrating on details, a winning leader should work on division of labour and the general empowerment of employees.
  • Once the business revenue increases, don’t forget the employees’ hard work and contribution. But when the business’s revenue plummets, think about your mistakes.

We believe that with these few strategies and tips to winning the Cesim simulation game, your team can win the game. Let the games start. May the best team win!